On publishing this blog

I’ve always had this personal “rule” about journal-type writing that it not have an agenda or an audience, but just be writing for its own sake and for my enjoyment. This is the kind of writing that brings me the most happiness and, more importantly, helpfulness. I’m not aiming to get lots of followers, hits or work toward a book, nor am I hoping to keep pace with the number of posts bloggers say you have to do to keep an audience.

That said, we are not experiencing all this alone. We don’t feel like we are; you are all here too. We very much feel and know that’s true. And so the reason I’m publishing entries to share here (rather than keeping them hidden posts) is so those of you who care about us and our kids can stay connected to us through this new journey we are on as a family.

Right now this “journey” has been largely about Ava’s newly diagnosed hearing loss. But it was a journey before that came into play, and it is looking like there is probably more that will come along with it. So we’re inviting you to stop by here for closer looks into our current story. That’ll probably include some medical updates and some more personal things too. But being to orderly about it all does take the fun out of it for me…so we’ll just see where it goes.

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