Milk tattoo

Today’s doc visit was a relatively easy one: the allergist. Food allergies were one of Ava’s early issues. Before she was born I remember hoping she’d have fewer issues than Elijah, i.e. maybe no food allergies! Haha. Hahahaha….
Anyway, they did a scratch test (which involved sharpie-ing the letter M on her arm) & showed that she is still mildly allergic to milk. So no dairy for Ava till we test her again at 12 months, and we have to stick with the smelly hypoallergenic formula. Boo. 
But as far as we can tell, no other big allergies for now, and that’s really good news. Plus, we don’t have to see this doc again for almost 6 months, and with a lot of waiting for the next step, this is one thing we can “check off” for now as settled for the time being. 

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