What a year for a new year

Seems like a New Year’s Eve post should be reflective, and I’m not quite sure this will deliver in the realm of end-of-year posts. When I think about spending time considering the past year, honestly, this time I just don’t feel like doing it. A fellow mama who’s had a hard year blogged yesterday her own gratefulnessContinue reading “What a year for a new year”


Ava was pretty drowsy this morning but she is perking up now and eating some lunch. They got the MRI done and now she’s talking and getting excited again. We’ll see how the day goes, but looks like she’ll be fine. Thanks to those of you who prayed for her this morning.

Children’s Miracle Network

I was flipping through radio stations yesterday on the way to Walmart and heard 105.1 was doing a fund drive for the Children’s Miracle Network.  A few hours later, we were at Arnold Palmer (making a failed attempt to get one of Ava’s tests done), and ran into the DJs broadcasting from the hospital cafeteriaContinue reading “Children’s Miracle Network”

Thankfulness, progress…and more tests

In the belated spirit of Thanksgiving, YES, we were really thankful to have Ava’s hearing aids on in time for the holiday Everyone is, of course, asking how Ava’s responding now that she has her aids. The first week she was pretty quiet, even a little less responsive that she’d been, but I think sheContinue reading “Thankfulness, progress…and more tests”