A Monstrously Good Time (or, In the Monster World…)

It was a day or two after Ava’s diagnosis and I was sitting in the greenroom of my job at the Laugh Floor talking with one of the other actors, Heather, about the news we just received. As I shared, I stated how lucky I am to be able to come to a job whereContinue reading “A Monstrously Good Time (or, In the Monster World…)”

Where to live with a special needs child

Disclaimer: We are not seriously looking at moving right now. I just like to google things. I’m just gonna share this article anyway. Boo for Illinois and all its financial corruption. If we do decide to head back north sometime, maybe the southern Wisconsin border is the ticket. 🙂 The Best States to Live inContinue reading “Where to live with a special needs child”

Doctors and conversations

A lot of you have been asking how our genetics appointment went this past week. Because we’d already gotten the results over the phone, it wasn’t really an earth-shattering meeting. We did LIKE the genetics counselor. She drew some pictures to show us where the deletion in Ava’s chromosome 15 happened. There isn’t really aContinue reading “Doctors and conversations”