A Monstrously Good Time (or, In the Monster World…)

It was a day or two after Ava’s diagnosis and I was sitting in the greenroom of my job at the Laugh Floor talking with one of the other actors, Heather, about the news we just received. As I shared, I stated how lucky I am to be able to come to a job where I can put aside my worries for a couple of hours and laugh. We laugh a lot at work. (I love my job!) In my sharing, I told Heather how I wished Laura had a job where she could go and laugh, too. Heather understood what I meant.

A couple of days later, I got a text from Heather:
Craig- been thinking about you guys!  Remembering that you said you were lucky you got to laugh at work and wished the same for Laura….so…If you guys are interested, I’d love to offer you guys two comps to Explorer’s Club at Mad Cow. It’s fun and silly…No pressure, no worries. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll book them!”
How awesome is that! So I quickly sent Laura a text to try and figure out a day that we could go out for a date night. Since Laura’s (amazing!) mom was in town and was willing to watch the kids, we settled on the following Saturday to go see The Explorer’s Club at the Mad Cow Theatre. I was pretty excited, but what came next just blew me away.
Tuesday morning, the week of the show, I received another message from Heather:
Craig- your tickets are set. 7:30 curtain on Saturday.
Also- a bunch if us (Monsters) pooled together and collected funds so you and Laura could make a night out if it and do a nice dinner…We’re all thinking of you guys and want to do something to make you smile. 🙂
Would you like a gift certificate to somewhere in particular (we’ve got enough for someplace fancy!)?…Have you ever tried Kres? Amazing steakhouse. Is that something you guys would enjoy?”
We went to Kres Chophouse, and it was amazing! We followed it up with a super fun (and funny!) show at the Mad Cow (which is STILL running and should be seen ifyou are in the Orlando area).
Best of all, we smiled. We laughed. We took a break from the heaviness of the week and simply enjoyed a date out together, thanks to my amazing Monster family.

If you are ever at the Laugh Floor at the Magic Kingdom, just know that those monsters that are making you laugh are also some of the kindest, most generous people that I get to work with. I thank God for my Monster family!

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