Love in the shade of blue

I feel like we’ve been thrown into this new world that I am still getting to know and still not really happy to be part of… a world where this weekend is not about red hearts and Valentines Day, but blue wings and International Angelman Day.

The great thing about getting a diagnosis right before IAD is that there is a lot of activity in the Angelman community right now and it is also giving us all ways to sort of get involved right away.

To be honest…I’m not personally ready yet to be real excited about wearing blue bands and posting about awareness of this thing I hadn’t heard of a month ago which has now changed our lives in ways I am not very happy about. But seeing you guys rally around the cause and around us through this is helping me to get there. So for that I say thanks, and please do keep it up, even if I don’t do a lot of personal hashtagging this weekend. It really is very encouraging to us.

That said…I will muster a little enthusiasm in honor of Ava & for those of you who want to know how to be involved! 🙂 Here are ways you participate in International Angelman Day and the walk coming up this May. And thanks for the hashtags, too!

15 Ways to Celebrate the 15th
Sign up for the May 16th Angelman Syndrome Foundation Walk in Orlando or Naperville, or you can donate to Team Ava via either walk. Proceeds go to support the Angelman Syndrome Foundation


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