Comic relief

Elijah is almost 3, and I think most kids this age probably say a lot of funny things. But he’s been on a roll this week, and it really has been good comic relief for us. A few highlights:

Monday, stalling before bath time:
“Elijah, you can either choose to get in the bath tub right now or take a time out.”
Softly touching my shirt: “Mommy, your sweater is really pretty.”

Wednesday, shouting from his bedroom upon waking up:
“Mom! Dad! The sun is up! I need to poop on the potty so I can go to the play area at Ikea!”

Wednesday evening, talking with Papa:
“Am I your friend, Elijah?”
“I’m not?”
“No, but don’t take it too hard, Papa.”

Thursday, in the car:
—I turn on music—
“No Mommy! Not music! I want the talking!”
“You want talk radio?”
“Yeah! Not music!”
—Happily turn on NPR news—

Thursday, at bedtime:
“Mommy, are there monsters in my room?”
“No, no monsters.”
“Oh, yeah, look Mommy, Jesus keeps away the monsters?”
“Oh ok. He just keeps them in his office.”

Elijah was trying to use the potty and I went to leave the bathroom.
“Stay with me Mommy! Like the song!”
“Like…the Sam Smith song?”
“Yes! Stay here with me. And can we listen to it?”
—Proceeds to sing “Stay With Me,” gazing into my eyes sweetly, while trying to poop.—

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