I don’t want this blog to be a place for venting…BUT…just this one?

For living in the digital age, I cannot get my head around the number of times I’ve had to hand write my daughter’s name, address, birth date, etc. etc. etc. out. For most offices, it’s multiple times giving the same information on various different forms that all go to the SAME PLACE.

Often offices can’t take email attachments and sometimes don’t even have digital copies of their forms to send me.

Yesterday I spent an hour making this for Ava’s records:

I guess there are security issues to worry about and some of you probably know reasons it’s a bad idea, but I really wish there was a medical ID card I could just swipe for each office and they could just have all this info instead of me spending 45 minutes each time we see a new specialist or start a new therapy, filling out my middle initial and Ava’s birth weight by hand 3 times on faded, photocopied forms.

Yes, I realize there are a lot of practical reasons things are like this, and I am guessing a lot of medical professionals and therapists find it just as much a nuisance as I do. Maybe when Ava is 10 we will be able to get rid of some of these paper files.

If any of you like building apps and are so inclined…if someone could make a really good app for managing a child’s medical care, I would be ever so grateful! I can’t do much about the paperwork everyone else gives me, but it would be nice to be able to digitally manage things better on the stuff I can choose to instead of having a therapy & medical notebook that I almost always forget to take with me to appointments. So many parents out there have to spend hours dealing with things like this instead of playing with their kids. Or doing dishes and laundry, which is what I’ll be doing when this next form is done. Or…just kidding. Sounds like the kids are up from nap time… šŸ™‚

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