Big helper

Tonight I went to get something and asked Elijah to catch Ava if she tipped over…she had been sitting up so long I wasn’t really worried about it (first time ever), but thought it wouldn’t hurt to see what he’d do.

When I came back, I saw he’d stopped playing with his brand new Legos and was sitting with her just in case she fell!

For all the times I feel like I do NOT have the gift set to care for a special needs child, I think Elijah really does. He’s always sweet to her. 
And I know, some of you have preschoolers who are NOT kind to their baby siblings and I’m sure that’s hard to deal with!! Sometimes I wonder if he already kind of knows she needs extra help since we always have her with therapists and doctors. Or if he’s kinder because she’s a girl…or if he would just be this way no matter what. He’s a really compassionate kid.
Don’t get me wrong, he’s totally a threenager. But with Ava he’s the best. 🙂

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