Feeding Ava is super time-consuming and complex. Altogether, it takes about 6 hours a day to feed her, not counting the cooking, prep and cleanup time.

Today I met with a dietician & GI doctor about transitioning her foods as she nears her birthday. I’ll spare you the details because it’s, well, complicated, between her delays and food allergies. I don’t really know the whens and ifs of how she will finish taking bottles, eat non-pureed foods, feed herself etc. and am trying to be cautiously hopeful about how long it will take to get past this 6-hours-of-feeding situation.

But this kid is making some really great progress with her therapy. Today got this spoon in her mouth and licked it. Lots of times, with both hands.

At this point I’m learning to not focus on what Ava can & can’t do as much as I did with Elijah. (I’m discovering that baby books are designed to tell your child’s story in terms of when they learned all their awesome skills…which is kind of depressing when your kid has developmental delay, and an interesting commentary on what we value as a culture…but that’s another post.)

But anyway, we’re excited about this one because, as the OT said, if she can do this, she can do a lot of things. I don’t know when or if she’ll be able to keep the spoon upright so the food doesn’t go everywhere….but we’re not gonna worry about that one yet. I’m proud of how hard Ava works for stuff like this, and excited about helping her keep sticking stuff in her mouth. Ha.

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