Baby Book Categories

Ok, since I was asked…here are some things that should be marked as unique “milestones” and record breakers in the world of Ava:

Loudest squeal of joy at 4am
Smallest poop that can still technically be called poop
Most burped cloths used for a single feeding
A wax museum supplied solely by Ava’s ear wax
The amount of breastmilk, in ounces, that I pumped for her…and the amount I had to donate bc she couldn’t drink it (I don’t even know…it was a lot)
The day Ava met her beloved Wubbanubs and we got to sleep for more than an hour
Longest stretch of time to keep a propped pacifier in ones mouth
First time she really laughed when Elijah was trying to entertain her (he is resilient)
Favorite eye patch design
Favorite ear mold color
First time pushing down on her hands and on her feet
First time getting a veggie straw in her mouth instead of in her eye
Definitely marking the day she quits drinking Alimentum, whenever that happens…and the day she finally moves on from size 2 diapers.

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