Milestones, Ava style

So happy about Ava’s new baby book that came in the mail today, customized by family to fit Ava!

I’d shared recently that I wasn’t enjoying filling out her baby book much because it lists all these milestones and just kind of rubs in the fact that she’s not able to do very much, at least not compared with a regular-kid list. I was having to work really hard to come up with things to say that weren’t about doctors.

THIS baby book is perfect! It focuses more on our memories and lets us write in her milestones instead of having to work around a set that doesn’t fit.

Thanks to Shutterfly, anyone can do this…although there is probably a market for a special needs/developmental delay baby book, since so many families walk this kind of road.

And while we’re on milestones, Ava had one tonight that may make it into the book. I’m going to include the video here. Some of you (especially those who spend time with her) may be impressed, and others of you may be surprised at just how hard it is for her. You have to look closely to see how she is “trying” to get it.

The only note I’ll give with the video is that Ava picked up this veggie straw twice without any help before I got this on video.

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