Becoming the expert

Other parents of special needs kids have already told me that I’ll end up being the expert on my daughter, and that we should learn to be confident in this and make sure we feel good about the decisions made for her.

Today’s appointment felt like I step toward that, I guess. To be honest, I sort of spent $40, 2.5 hours and probably $5 in gas to be told we should try…drumroll…1 ounce of soy toddler formula to every 3 ounces of Alimentum, and see if she can transition to that without an allergy.

A waste of time? I don’t know. Part of me though so, because we really could have sorted that out on our own and for some reason I thought the answer coming from this specialist with a good reputation (and I do like him just fine, really) would be a little more complex for our, well, medically complex child.

But it was probably fine this time that we went through the trouble and the copay to do it, because I left feeling like we’ve been to enough allergists and other specialists now that we know how to do some low-risk trial & error with Ava’s feeding on our own. I know we’ll end up needing to go back and I really do respect doctors. I’ve seen friends go through med school and it’s so much work. But we are becoming expert enough with Ava that we can try things that make sense to us without a doctor’s “permission,” and that feels good. Hopeful. Empowering maybe? Something I didn’t want to learn to do.

And we keep trudging along the slow road…

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