Happy dance

We are now a about a year into our relationship with early intervention, therapists, insurance authorizations, tests and specialists. Much of our experience has been frustrating. We’ve gotten long waits, a lot of no’s, a lot of run-arounds, a lot of “Well, if you had medicaid…” and the most-hated line: “She’s just a baby – there’s no rush.”

But THIS WEEK we are doing the happy dance. We got insurance to approve Ava’s new, uber-expensive formula – something even our doctor’s office said might not be possible. One of our therapists got a hold of a brand new $150 therapy tool to loan us while we wait for insurance to approve ours. And the biggest of all, early intervention significantly upped our services today after a year of run-arounds and no’s.

Even though I intended to ASK for more services today – and did – I didn’t expect a yes and was shocked when we got it without a fight. In fact, I think she had decided to give it to us even before I asked. Sometimes I fight hard for things and do lots of research and advocate and make phone calls. That probably helped a lot getting the formula to our front door in a week. But sometimes I don’t feel like advocating. If I think it’s going to be a waste of time, it’s hard to feel motivated to push for services. That’s how I felt going into the early intervention meeting today.

In moments like this I see God just take care of things for us when I don’t have the fight in me. I would love to be able to tell you we were praying really hard for the outcome of the meeting and that God answered our prayer and it was this awesome super-spiritual thing. Or even that it was my great research, clever presentation and convincing proof that changed our case worker’s heart today. The truth is, I didn’t pray very hard about it and I didn’t put much prep into this meeting. It just didn’t happen.

I do believe God answers prayer, but I also believe that he’s strong when we are weak and often he just chooses to be kind to us no matter what we do to try to control the outcomes.

The special needs life is a roller coaster for sure, and we have other immanent battles to face. But today, we are thankful for a few victories, and we will do the happy dance.

I’m not sure yet where we’re going to stockpile our monthly supply of formula, but we’re pretty happy to have it.