Feeding Tube Update

It’s Friday and Ava is still resting at Arnold Palmer Hospital, recovering from the cold virus. She was scheduled to get her feeding tube (through her stomach) this past Tuesday, but the anesthesiologist would not proceed out of caution because of the cold. Since Ava has always had difficulty getting enough fluids in her (thus the purpose of the feeding tube), we have kept her here at APH to allow her the rest and fluids she needs to fully recover.

It’s looking like today, the GI doc will be placing an NG Tube (a feeding tube through Ava’s nose) as a temporary solution so that we can continue to get fluids and nutrition into her…at home. The goal is for Ava to be completely free from this cold virus, and then do the operation for the actual feeding tube next Friday…on Laura’s birthday.
Lastly, we HOPE to be released from the hospital today (it’s 3p at this writing), but we haven’t seen the GI doctor yet. Fingers crossed.
Thank you for the texts and messages checking in on us. We have been so encouraged by the outpouring of love you all have displayed! 
Laura has said that staying at the hospital has been a bit of a vacation in that she doesn’t have to do any laundry or dishes. Now THAT’S looking at the positive side of things.

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