So many things

The Children’s Miracle Network Christmas drive is back on the radio and I’m thinking of how far our family has journeyed in a year. Last year this week, we rushed to make it to Elijah’s Christmas program after Ava’s MRI. I’ve not let myself dwell a lot on last December, because it was a brutal time. These are better days.
Starting to feel a backlog of things I need to post because we’ve had a lot going on in our family lately, but, WELL, we’ve had a lot going on in our family lately. I’ll give it my best effort.
First, Ava did in fact get her feeding tube just before Thanksgiving. She’s doing really well with it. Her weight had plateaued for several months, and since switching her formula and then starting the tube, she’s already gained 2 pounds.

Her tube has also been a huge relief for us. It literally has given us several hours back every day. We get to play with both kids more. It’s easier to cook dinner. I don’t HAVE to do laundry every single night. And Ava is sleeping better  — part of her waking up may have been hunger.
A feeding tube is still a lot of work, but compared to what we did for her first 19 months of life, it feels like a vacation.
So, then there is this thing that sort of just snuck its way onto Facebook about a baby… if you missed it, click here to watch the announcement video.
If this all seemed out of nowhere, well, it kind of was. We found out our “bonus child” was on the way in the middle of a busy fall. Almost overnight, I was stricken with morning sickness that lasted all day and night, topping both of my previous pregnancies. Good times. (Nothing like getting sick in your daughter’s hospital room…)
We opted this time to do fairly new blood test that looks at the baby’s chromosomes and can pick up trisomies (disorders caused by the presence of a third chromosome) as well as microdeletions (Ava’s disorder is caused by one of these) and other genetic abnormalities. I’ll be blogging about the test another time, but for now, suffice to say we got a call at 12 weeks telling us the test came back free of any concerns…and the chromosomes are X and Y. It was a little wild to get that over the phone, but we are grateful for the reassurance that the little guy’s chromosomes look like they are in good order.

So, with that, we are getting ready for Christmas like everyone else, and instead of New Year’s resolutions, will start working our way through the projects & adjustments we need to make before the little guy joins us in June.

…and I just caught Ava chewing on her feeding tube, so that’s my cue to sign off!