One week later.

Isaiah is a week old today. 
This morning he got a brain ultrasound, something preemies routinely get at the one-week mark because there is often bleeding on the brain in the first week, which can lead to longer-term damage. 
We have a follow-up meeting  with Isaiah’s doctor to get the results Wednesday. Our case worker is also scheduled to come, and I told Craig last night I don’t look forward to meetings where case workers routinely show up “just in case” it’s bad news…especially when the bad news could be brain damage. 
Well, Dr. Kahn saw Craig in the hallway this morning and stopped him to tell him the brain scan is clear! Little guy still has a long way to go, but this was great news and helped me feel more hopeful about how things might go. 
They’ve been weaning him onto my milk via a tiny feeding tube…so that makes two of my three kids eating via tubes. Since he’s tolerating my milk well, they were able to avoid putting in a picc line and took out his IV fluids today too. (And Ava’s growing like crazy with her feeding tube in place…so you won’t  hear my complain for now about all this.)
Craig & I saw my doctor this morning, too. He talked to us a little more in-depth about what happened. I had a placental abruption – the placenta suddenly separates from the wall of the uterus (Sorry, I know this is all kind of gross – but I can’t find another way to explain what happened.). Apparently it first happened early in the morning, but since the bleeding stopped temporarily we were able to make it to the hospital. Once the bleeding picked up again though, Isaiah and I were both in danger and they rushed me in for the c-section within minutes. My doctor told me they ended up giving me 4 units of blood. 
And here we are one week later. I get to hold him once a day for about an hour. It doesn’t feel like nearly enough, and I hate leaving him, but I’m thankful that we are both at least here for the ride. 

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