I’ve been putting off new posts simply because there is too much to say. I just looked back to see that my last update was 3 weeks ago, and indeed a lot has happened.
Our preemie is now up to 4 lbs. 5 oz and has weaned way down on his oxygen support after getting a round of steroid treatment earlier this month. He gets to wear clothes and just today moved into a bassinet without a warmer. After 6 1/2 weeks, just yesterday he was promoted to a new room in Level 3 NICU (he’d been in Level 4 – the most critical care – up till then) and after I left this evening, heading to a new room in Level 2. 
He’s 33 weeks gestation now, so in about a week we’ll be able to try feeding him without his tube. He’s still at least a few weeks away from coming home, but we are at least beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Tomorrow is Ava’s 2nd birthday, and the second child we’ll manage to celebrate while Isaiah is in the NICU. We managed to juggle her annual 24-hour EEG. It showed her seizure activity has picked up, which I anticipated, so we are adjusting her meds. So far she seems to be responding fine. 
Elijah’s been more eager to visit his brother lately so we try to take him when we can. He’s really sweet with him…and then loses interest in his hospital visit after about 15 minutes. 
We also closed on our old home a couple weeks ago and are slowly getting settled in our new place down the street. 

And with that, I sign off. Thanks for your encouragement, prayers, gifts, gift cards…all things that have helped make this time more livable and helped us to feel the community around us even when we can’t plan more than a day ahead or socialize much. We’re grateful for all of you who surround us. 

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