Home stretch

It’s been a busy week here at the hospital (and of course, at the Slezak house, too). We don’t have a discharge date and probably won’t until its just about to happen, but we are on the home stretch.

Isaiah’s been eating on his own since he last pulled out his feeding tube Saturday, and that set in motion a bunch of pre-discharge activities. This week he’s gotten his vaccinations done, eyes and ears checked, a PT evaluation, and is now back off the oxygen. He still needs to pass a car seat test, but we have gotten most things checked off the list in the pats few days. His last hurdle will be to start gaining weight well now that he’s eating on his own. He’s actually lost a bit since going off the tube…but it has been a busy week for his little body. Once he can show the docs he can eat well enough to keep gaining, they’ll let him come home. 
All this has meant a sometimes-revolving door of conversations with NICU team members. A lot of it is straightforward. Some is overwhelming, some discouraging, some exciting. Just riding along on the roller coaster this week. Isaiah will be automatically eligible for early intervention because of his birth weight, so soon we will have two kiddos getting therapies from Early Steps. At least I know how to navigate their system and our insurance now (although I don’t know if they’ll cover it). Ava’s nearly intervention coordinator already knows the baby will be coming their way soon, too, and will be able to help expedite things. But unfortunately, it sounds like for a little longer we’ll be trading more play date time for therapy sessions. Boo. 😦

I do think his discharge will happen very soon, but we may not know until it’s just about to happen. (So don’t say I didn’t tell you!) It feels a little like waiting to go into labor. He’s 39 weeks today, so I guess that actually sounds about right. 😊 

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