A year later

I haven’t posted for a while because things have been just that crazy around here. Of course things are always crazy here, but on our own Slezak family relative scale of crazy, it’s pretty high.

Also, I’ve been working on migrating the blog to a much better home on wordpress, but haven’t been able to fully finish and it’s kept me from posting new things. I’m henceforth declaring this under-construction-site active. Pardon our dust, as they say. 🙂

A year ago today (or yesterday? It’s a blur) Ava got her feeding tube. We spent nearly half of last November at the hospital. So as crazy as things are right now, I’ve thought so many times lately how great it just to not be THERE.

And the feeding tube has been a bumpy road for sure, but we know it was a good decision. Ava is healthy and growing, and over the past few weeks she’s been keeping her food down. She’s also starting to show more interest again in eating and drinking by mouth…something she lost when the tube went in. So we’re hopeful.

Ava enjoying the bubbles at the Early Steps Fall Festival

As the holidays approach, too, I’m remembering how little of the holidays we really got to engage with last year…and the year before. I’m not sure how much more we will be out celebrating this year, because it’s still pretty hard for us to get out of the house. If nothing else, we’ll play a lot of Christmas music while washing plastic parts and feeding little people. But at least we aren’t looking to be spending the season at the hospital. After the year we’ve had, that’s something we’re very thankful for.

Little guy is growing, happy and makes us all smile.

Anyway, this is just a post to check-in after a long silence. For those of you who book mark, we’ve moved to teamslezak.com. I made a misstep in transferring our domain name, and, well, as I said, pardon our dust and click here instead. The old site’s still up for now but I won’t be updating it.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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