Blended diet, week one.

So how is Ava’s new blended diet going so far? Well, this happened: Yes, that’s our ceiling, courtesy of Melissa Burton an incredibly kind friend who’s been helping with Ava’s new feeds. You could say it’s been a smashing success: Yes, that’s Gerber chicken and gravy, 2.5 ounce jar. This one was my fault courtesy of someone besidesContinue reading “Blended diet, week one.”

Baby steps with baby food

Sure, Ava has Angelman Syndrome and hearing loss, but our biggest challenge overall has been helping her to eat. We’re almost a year into her feeding tube, and it’s been a good step forward. But after 4 months of reflux and trouble keeping her formula down, it’s time to step out behind the ease ofContinue reading “Baby steps with baby food”

August in our world

It’s so hot here. This afternoon I was wrestling with a car seat in an unshaded therapy office parking lot at 4pm…no rain today…and I felt like I was going to melt right onto the pavement. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but sometimes it’s just the first thing you thinkContinue reading “August in our world”

Thankfulness, progress…and more tests

In the belated spirit of Thanksgiving, YES, we were really thankful to have Ava’s hearing aids on in time for the holiday Everyone is, of course, asking how Ava’s responding now that she has her aids. The first week she was pretty quiet, even a little less responsive that she’d been, but I think sheContinue reading “Thankfulness, progress…and more tests”